Over it!

UPDATE: I wrote this blog post over two years ago. As my news feed is littered with so much hate. opinions, article after article, and unkind words I tried to make myself sit quiet, but I just can't. I'm just reposting this from years ago, because it still applies. I love so many people on all sides of all of the issues, but I refuse to inflict wounds via my keyboard. If I feel like I need to address something with someone, I will choose to do it in person. If some say I am weak or don't have a backbone, fine, but for me, I will choose kindness. I will choose to think the best of others. I will choose to remember that I cannot take back my words. I will choose to be an example to my children. This post isn't directed at anyone in particular. Just what has been on my heart as I consider seriously deleting certain social media accounts. 

So, this post may get me in some trouble, but, I don't really care....I love Facebook, Instagram and social media in general as much as the next person, but lately as I scroll through my feed I often scroll past numerous "articles" people have posted with their two sense attached. For a while I would read some of these, or just scan them to get the general idea. Lately, for my own sanity, I scroll right past.  Let me explain. In the past few months, if some random person were to scroll through my feed they would probably infer I'm friends with a bunch of judgmental, opinionated, rude people. If I applied just SOME of the articles that have popped up on my feed I should assume that

    Because Clay and I have chosen to vaccinate our children (for many reasons, none of     which is your damn business....take a breath, yes I cussed and feel free to attach a post as to why I am harming myself by choosing to.) we are putting chopped up baby parts in our children and are therefore condoning abortion. 

    Inversely, because some of my closest friends have made the choice not to vaccinate their children if I let their kids play with mine we will all contract small pox and die.

    Because I was raised in a Christian home with my dad as the head of our household and we even were a part of a homeschool group (yes, the one the duggars have ascribed to! Take another breath!),  Though we didn't stay for a long time, as a result, I was mentally abused, led astray and should basically "throw the baby out with the bath water" and abandon all I believe and was taught. ( Don't get me wrong it definitely had/has many flaws, but also had some solid teachings and helped form me into the person I am today.)

    Because we choose to homeschool we are setting our children up for failure. They will definitely grow up to be under-socialized nerds who are devoid of personality and life experience.

    Inversely, if I choose to ever put my children in school they will forever be corrupted by the common core.

    Because Clay and I believe in Jesus and believe the Bible is inherent truth, we believe that Clay is the head of this family. We have chosen, though I was a great nurse and had a very successful career and worked for years WHILE I had children (because I'm sure their is an article about if a woman chooses to pursue her career before or while having children she is clearly failing at her job as a woman) in this season of my life, I will stay home with my children and educate them. Because of this choice I am now a diluted, oppressed, male dominated and controlled woman. If ANY of you know me, you know this couldn't be any farther from the truth (Bless Clay's heart!)

     Because Clay and I have chosen to have a large family we are contributing to overpopulation and we are single handedly contributing to the end of the world.

    Because Clay and I don't feel called to "have as many kids as God will give us" we little faith and will let the other "religions" of the world take over. 

Seriously, I could go on and on. When did we become such a close minded, opinionated, judgmental group of people?! (We probably always have been, it's just easier behind the safety of our screens.) What happened to "So far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all." Don't get me wrong, I'm all for fighting for what I believe. I'm all for standing up for injustice and those who can not speak for themselves. If you KNOW me and live life with me you know that I am a passionate person and will fight for what I think is right. But let's be honest...I have NEVER read an overgeneralized, judgmental, condemning article (even if I agreed with some of it) and said, "you know what, this is so right. Everything I have EVER believed is false, I'm going to completely adopt this way of thinking and throw away every part of what has made me who I am today and become this!" NO!!! If anything I want to do the exact opposite if it's presented in this way. If you feel strongly about an issue, give me a call, lets grab some coffee, your kids can run wild with mine and we can hash things out. At the end I may say, "you know what, what you have said has some valid points and I'm really going to have to process this." Or, I may say, "you know what, let's agree to disagree, this was great. I love hearing other opinions, let's do it again next week." 

Though I love social media, I think it can be dangerous. We think that, as we sit in the comfort of our home or fancy coffee shop, we can read a few article, become an expert of all things, double click a few times, repost, give our two sense and feel like we've just made a difference. I would grossly disagree.....I think you probably just ostracized a large group of people, made yourself unapproachable and probably just pissed off a bunch of people (probably what I'm doing now). WE assume everyone is coming from the same place, but really, you don't know what I have walked through, you don't know why I have made the choices I have made and honestly, when I'm standing at the gates of heaven I'm pretty sure God is not going to say "well done my good and faithful servant, you reposted some articles on Facebook and made some lasting change for my Kingdom." Um, I'm thinking NO! Once again, I'm not saying don't be passionate about what you believe, but maybe, just maybe, take a second before you re-post something and think, "how could this be perceived? What is my intention in posting this? Am I really going to do any good spreading "my" message this way." 

I understand I'm probably opening myself up for a lashing and I could definitely be perceived as being judgmental even writing this post, but I feel like it needs to be said. When I open my newsfeed wanting to see pictures of my friends, or funny comments and end up closing my feed feeling beaten up, judged, like I'm failing at life in general, I'm pretty sure it may be time to do a little "cleaning out."